2017 Annual Meeting Auction News!

Fellow RMTC members (& anyone else within earshot):

Below are 3 links for the tool auction to be held on Saturday, September 2, 2017, at the annual  RMTC meeting being held this year in Albuquerque, NM. Each of the links will open a separate Dropbox folder that contains photos and lists of the items to be auctioned from 3 separate estates/collections. You don’t need a Dropbox account to view the links:

Link to folders w/ Evans Collection photos & list:


Link to folders with Biays Estate photos & list:


Link to folders w/ Battuello Estate photos & list:


As usual, and in accordance with RMTC policy, there is no reserve on any of these lots. Absentee bids can be placed discreetly and confidentially with me at rmtcbids@gmail.com up until Thursday night, August 31, at 2200 hours (10 p.m.) MDT.  I will be leaving for the meeting in Albuquerque the next day (Sept. 1) and will not have access to e-mail again before the auction starts on Saturday evening (after the RMTC banquet).

This will be a mouth-watering auction of antique, collectible, and user tools, and there is sure to be something for everyone in the 176+ lots being offered.

Please note that the title of each of the photos corresponds to that item’s lot number in the auction. For example, photos “DB-350 (1)”, “DB-350 (2)”, and “DB-350 (3)” make up the 3 photos showing Lot DB-350 in the Don Biays estate.  Between the 3 estates/collections, we have a total of 647 photos of the 176 lots.

Each of the folders of photos for the 3 estates/collections begins with group photos of items so that you can get an overall view of what’s being offered without having to scan through all of the individual photos.

If you decide to use the absentee bidding option, e-mail me at the address above with a list of the Lot Numbers you wish to place a bid on, along with your highest bid for each of the Lot Numbers that you list.  Rest assured that your bids will not be shared with anyone else.  And since I don’t collect tools anymore (which makes my wife very happy), I will not be competing with you in bidding on any of the items. I will be your proxy bidder in the auction and I will bid just as I would if I was bidding on the item(s) for myself.  If I get 2 or more absentee bids on any one item, I will start the bidding at one increment above the runner-up’s high bid for that item.

If you are the winning bidder with an absentee bid, you will be informed via e-mail or phone after the auction what item(s) you have won (along with the winning bid for any items on which you weren’t the high bidder). You will need to make arrangements to pick up the item(s), or they can be mailed to you at actual shipping cost + insurance (no handling fees). You will have to mail a check to RMTC Treasurer Chris Gomez for your total amount, and the item(s) will be shipped within a few days after Chris has received your payment.

-Steve Scruggs, auction coordinator

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