1. I have a friend with a Stanley 45 and 78 planes with several blades who could I contact, who could give him information on the planes and perhaps buy them.

  2. Roy,
    Sorry for the delayed reply…
    We do auction off non-member tools at our Denver-area meetings. Our next meeting is over Labor Day weekend in Denver, but that auction is completely full and we’re not taking more outside consignments for it. We should have a meeting in October or November 2021, but I don’t think a date has been set yet. We could probably sell your friend’s tools at that auction, whenever it might occur. Our policies for the sale of non-member tools is that there can be no reserve price and the club asks for 10% of the total sales to help offset facility rentals. The seller is usually sent payment 1-2 days after the meeting auction. Over the past 30 years or so, I have generally been quite pleased for the sellers with the results of such auctions, because our members all share an interest in tools and generally understand their usability, collectibility, and value.
    You can contact me at stevescruggs1954@gmail.com with any questions. I am the usual contact for auction info and arrangements. I would be happy to offer what advice and info that I can.
    Steve S.

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