Rocky Mountain Tool Collectors (RMTC) is a regional club incorporated in Colorado as a non-profit corporation. There are no specific geographical boundaries; however, its regional character is intended to make communications among its members easy.

The purpose is to promote the collection, restoration, study, and understanding of the tools of early trades and crafts and to share this understanding with interested people and institutions.  Members’ interests cover all areas and trades, from carpenter & cooper to wainwright & wheelwright. Some members specialize in collecting tools of one trade, or even one brand of tool, while some have collections that are more general in nature. But having a collection is not a requirement for membership; all you need is an interest in old tools.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I have boxes of woodworking tools id like to sell. Mostly planes but some other hand tools ( plumb bobs chisels etc) If any interest please contact. The collection is too nice for crags list,

    • Hello Brock,

      There is a Tool Swap in this Saturday at Albuquerque Exotic Woods, and the club will be in attendance.
      The Swap begins at 10, but our official meeting begins at 2:00.

      Where are you located?

  2. I thought that your members might be interested to know that I will be selling on EBAY what I believe to be the oldest Johansson GAGE BLOCK SET in the United States. The auction will open at 7pm PST this Thursday November 5 and will close exactly 10 days later.

    David Gross

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